The Whitecat team is deploying a LoraWAN network in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona – Spain). This network is designed to be a citizen laboratory that empowers people on the Internet of Things technology, using the Whitecat ecosystem, with 2 public LoraWAN gateways located in Citilab Cornellà and Ajuntament de Cornellà connected to The Things Network.

Current tested locations with coverage of LoraWAN in Cornellà:

Max coverage: 7.45 Km


In Citilab the gateway is installed in a temporary location and will be moved to a more appropriate location soon, increasing network coverage:

Gateway location
Gateway detaill


Coverage tests have been made using a mobile node mounted on a car. This node is made using a Whitecat Board X1, a LoraWAN shield, and a GPS shield. The node performs a connection test every 20 meters at a fixed data rate (lowest value for get the maximum range), consisting on a OTAA join and then a confirmed transmission of 1 message with a payload size of 10 bytes. If all it’s ok the GPS location is recorded in an SD-Card.

Mobile node mounted on a car
Mobile node in its box
Node internals
Node is fixed to car using 4 neodymium magnets