Whitecat is an ecosystem that is being developed in Citilab by a team of engineers, educators and living lab designers, created to deploy real IOT use cases in an easy way. It covers all the aspects for this kind of solutions: hardware and software for the node, the gateway and the cloud. The fact that the Whitecat team covers multiple fields and disciplines allows us to solve issues in a very dynamic and agile way.

Whitecat ecosystem is a new way of Internet Of Things:

  • Open Hardware, and Open Software.
  • Different kind of hardware platforms can coexists, but there is just one environment and one programming language.
  • Designers can select the right platform for each use without having to learn a new platform.
  • The final product is made from prototypes. At the final step, the differences between the final product and its prototypes are only in their form factor. For example, a PCB board that integrates all the hardware components and a beautiful box for it.

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